Wedding Planning

Starting to plan your wedding? Don't know where to start? Our team will create a celebration for you, you just need to do some homework assigned by us, and leave all the organizational, technical, logistical issues to us and you can enjoy the result already on the day of the celebration.

Coordination of the celebration

You have already planned everything and all that remains is to arrange it properly according to the preliminary scenario on the wedding day. Leave it to us, it's our job to help you arrange it properly and give you the opportunity to relax and worry about nothing on the wedding day, because we will take care of the technical matters.

Wedding planning consultation

If you just have a vision and don't know where to start, but you want to plan everything yourself, we will help you organize your "drawers" and recommend service providers.

Table decor visualization
Decor visualizations

Most of the time, we come across that we save a lot of different photos from the vastness of Pinterest and Google, <<and how to convey to people what kind of decor I dream of? >> We have a solution that helps not only decorators, florists, but also cake makers, venue hosts, caterers, lighting - it's the creation of visualization down to the details. This is an additional service.

Hosting the party

Everything is already arranged and all you have to do is find that person who will listen, make you laugh and make the party unforgettable for you and your guests? Leave it to us, the hostess will take care of the entertainment so that your guests are not sad, listen to all your wishes and make the celebration the most fun you've ever been to.

Seminaro nuotakoms ir ne tik akimirkos
Seminars for brides and beyond

Our seminar has great added value for every future young couple, service provider and party guest!

Professionals in their field discuss important questions that brides and grooms, even planners, often ask. In one place, you get a great opportunity to communicate live with various representatives of suppliers. We allow ourselves to feel and feel that we can celebrate the holiday right now. We spend meaningful and fun time with future brides, we take time for ourselves. You receive various gifts and discounts during the seminar from our sponsors and speakers.

We could name and name, but you will see the greatest benefits yourself when you come to the seminar!